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Ascot, Bath, Wells, Paris(2000)
We have visited Codswel direction guided by my cousin and her husband, who were in Ascot at that time.Despite that location of London lies in higher latitude than 50 degree N., it was unbelievably warm to find cherry blossoms are blooming.
We have to keep left in UK as well as in Japan. Although, the road system is quite different from Japan. There are a few traffic signals in th suburban areas, instead, they use rotary system for road-crossing. The high-ways numbered with Mat the head are very nice to drive.
3/10: Ascot-Windsor,Maidenhead,Marlow, Eaton-Ascot
3/11:Ascot-Bibury -Tetbury -Bath (-Crescend)-Wells
3/12: Wells -Stonehenge -Salisbury -Bournemouth- (Ferry)-Suwanage-West Lulworth -Corf
3/13: We left Ascot by a train to Waterloo station, where we changed to Eurostar to Paris.
In Paris,Metros run right side as on the roads, whileRER lines run left side rail. We took RER-C from Champs de Mars Tour Effel to Boulainvilliers , to see the famous paintings by Monet, especially the Impression-Sun rise in musée Marmottan.
We visited Chartlres by SNCF from Monparnasse station. We bought round trip tickets toChartlres, but, as the tickets were not magnetized, we had to change with magnetized ticketsat Monparnasse station on way back.
We visited Fontainebleau and Barbizon by sight seeing bus with Japanese guide.

Monparnasse station,
The train was for Le Mans.

Monparnasse station.
The locomotive was already separated.
HongKong, Kawloon (2000)
We visite HongKong and Kawloon just before Christmas. Illuminations were very beautiful.
We got on Vitoria peak Tramway and Airport Express (Kowloon-Airport)there.
Double decked trams and buses at Central, that remind us english government.
Peak Tramways.
We could not see an outside view of the airport express trains due to home door system.
Niagara Falls, Toronto (2001)
In Niagara we had been to VIA Niagara Falls station using bus named "People Mover ". A pair of up and down trains named Maple Leaf between New York and Torontovia Buffalo, a train from here to Toronto in the morning and a return train in the evening are all of the passenger train that concerns toNiagara Falls station. The train that departed New York at 07:15 in the morning arrived there with 10 minutes delay. It kept stopping more than 30 minutes without permission of descending or ascending of passengers. The reason was not understandable for us. It takes one hour and 20 minutes for 3 km between american Niagara falls station to VIA Niagara falls station by the timetable. It is quite defferent and unbelievable to pass the border here comparing to the border passing in european countries.When we have experienced train travel from Praha to Dresden. passport check was done in the running train without stopping at the border stations.
Niagara Falls Station
10 hours from New York
Both descending and descending were not permitted more than 30 minutes.
Niagara Falls StationToronto Union Station
Toronto Union is a big station with long distance train. GO (Great Ontario) Transit service is using double decked cars with push pull diesel locomotives. Some sections are served frequently as every 20 minutes. There are two subway line in the city. Trams are well developed and some lines have extension over 15 km.Charge for one trip is CAN$2.00 and is common with subways and buses using transfer tickets..

There are network of trams in the city.
Photo was taken at the Queen Street.
Trams are build to run always for one direction. Therefore,the ends of lines are composed of loop lines.
A loop-line under the union station as one end ofHarbourfront-Spadina LRT.Double decked train ofGO(Greater Ontario)Transit, pushed by a diesel locomotive.
Arriving VIA trainPushing Locomotive of the push-pull train
As we joined to a party tour,there was no chance to try public transportations. The famous great wall of China is an astonishing scale, but we know qin (ch‘in,秦) dynasty continued not more than one generation.Even nowadays it might expend large sums and labors in such mountain areasusing many construction tools. Although, thegreat wall of Chinadid not work as a defence line. China was conquered by northern tribes, who established Yuán (元) and Jin (Qing,清) dynasty. Nowadays we could mount on thegreat wallvery easily and conviniently with a high speed lift system as a ski-lift.
New York , Boston (2002)

New York Subways ;clean without any scribbling.
Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)  - This is a site of New York City Transit, including Long Island Rail Road, Long Island Bus, Metro North Railroad, Metropolitan bridges and tunnels. Some sections were still interrupted at that time due to the accident on 09/11/2001. We went to Battery Park via Bowling Green sta. on No. 5.
New York (Penn-Station) - Boston (South)(Acela)
From Home page of Amtrak(http://www.amtrak.com ) ,select PLAN YOUR TRIP and then click on Timetables at the bottom.
From the Route page, select Acela Express and then clicking on
New York - Philadelphia - Baltimore - Washington or
Boston - New York - Philadelphia - Washington - Newport News
below the sign ofAT A GLANCEshows train timetable using Acrobat Reader.

Reservations are obligatory for
Acela.Although, the seats are not reserved, but numbers of whole seats. Moreover, the gate at Penn-station is not opened until less than 10 minutes before depature.The train stops15 minutes at New York Penn station. As I could know the arrival of the train to the track 9 from Washington D.C. by arrival board. I found some people are around the gate 9E. After show on the depature board, people rushed to the gate. We had to run seeking seats for our party eventually. The train ran not fast as european high speed trains at the beginning, but was rather accerelated afterpassing New Heaven inbetween.
Photos are taken at Boston South Station. Acela.mp4
Boston Green Line MBTA(Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority)
, including Boston Subway
;Green Lineis originally a tram system and its central region was remodelled as subway.Red & Blue Linesare built as an ordinally subway system from the beginning.
Duck-Touris an interesting tour program using landing boats, run on the land and sail in the river. To visitRestaurant & Bar named "TOP OF HUB" at the top ofPrudential Tower checking of the passport or identifying card was obligatory after 9/11.
Frankfurt, Heiderberg, Rothenberg, Luxemburg (2002)

Frankfurt Hbf central station & Heidelberg Hbf. Above right isICE3.

Train for Rothenberg ob der Tauber.
From Frankfurt central station we went toRothenberg ob der Tauber, changing atWürzburg and Steinach. Diesel cars from Steinach is an two car fixed train as shown above. It takes less than 10 minutes to the castle on foot.

Trams in Frankfurt
There are many tram lines in the city though, we could not find any good map with the city transsit system.
The maps at the tram stops were available. One day ticket is convinient for travellars as vending machines are rather difficult.
We changed train atKoblenz, and thereafter we went along theMoselle, inbetween fromTrierwe went up along its branch. The view was just a mountain scenery but suddenly when we descended the train we found that we were in the big city as a capital of the small country. Trains that went on the viaduct overAlzettewere .short two car trains exept for long distance trains forBruxelles.

HansaTravel(Bergen,Hamburg, Lübeck, Lüneburg & København)
We flew to Bergen via Copenhagen . Next morning I went to Bergen Station to reserveNutshell Tour, which cruise Fjord and get on theFlåm railway, for the next day.. The timetable ofNutshell journey was as follows:
Bergen Sta.Voss   Sta.GudwangenFlåm portLunchFlåmSta.Myrdal Sta.BergenSta.
0840dep.0955arr.Flåm railway
Cruise1130dep.1330arr.Bergen Express

Bergen Sta.

Flåm railway Cars are atBergen Sta.

View at rest point of the bus from Voss.
The bus went down into this valley.

very quietFjord-cruise
from Gudwangen to

Train atFlåm Station.

Flåm Station.

Bergen Express arrived at Bergen Station.

Fløibanen - The Funicular .

Bergen Station.

Bergen Station from platform side.
Flåm Railway
Bus, Boat and Ferry timetable in Sogn og Fjold
On sunday and Saturday trains are not running. 67X is sign of this.

Fløibanen - The Funicular
We flew from Bergen to Hamburg via Copenhage and visited Lübeck and Lüneberg by local trains.

Local train

Lübeck Hbf. central Station.
We tookEurocityfrom Hamburg to København H (Copenhagen C) using Diesel cars belonging to Denmark railways This train of 6 cars goes over the strait of Femarn on ferry.Diesel cars are much convinient on the ferry, even if they run under overhead wire. As the railway ferry, I think only two course are left now. Another is the course across the strait of Messina, between Villa San Giovanni and Messina to connect Italian peninsula to the isle of Sicilia. High speed rail news reported thatthe German and Danish ministers of transport have made a common declaration in favour of building a tunnel or a suspension bridge across the Fehmarn strait between Denmark and Germany by 2015. A long suspesion bridge across the Messina strait will be also built by 2011 (Official Homepage in Italian & Englisn Version) .

Head of the Diesel train on the ferry between Puttgarten and Rødby across the strait of Femur..

Sign at Hamburgstation.
We have been toMalmöat the south of Sweden with train which goes through recently built tunnel and bridge across the strait ofÖresund.

Car of Sweden railways.

Malmöcentral station as a dead end form.

Sign board at Malmö central station.

Malmö central Station, right lateral view,
In Copenhagen , it is convinient to use trains for airport (Flughavn). No limousine is running even from SAS hotel.Billetsalgis ticket office for long ditance trains.Billetautomatis the name of vending machines which accept coins and small sum notes.Kviksalg(quick sale) is convinient to buy tickets for the airport (Flughavn), it cost DKR45/one way.
station was crowded with bicycles and baby cars different from Japanese stations. .Sometimes, they should be a cause of delay. from the timetable

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