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ICE 3 meets TGVin Paris East StationICE 3 in Paris East Station
TGV-POS in Paris East StationTGV-R in Paris East Station
Transilien Train pushed intoProvins StationDiesel Locomotive of Transilien Trains
T3 in southern Paris
Strasbourg Staion as a balloon
Trams below the Strasbourg StationA tram in Strasbourg
A diamond crossing in the center of the city
 Tickets in Strasbourg, Left: 24 hour-ticket for less than 3 people, Right: Single Ticket.
Sight seeing boats here run through lock gates and a swing bridge.
Strasbourg to Lyon Part-Dieu
Tram in LyonTram below Lyon Perrache Station
A subway station in Lyon.Lion is the symbol of Lyon in front of the library.
TGV-Duplex forParis Lyonariving toLyon Part-Dieu
TGV-Duplex atParis Lyon Station
CDGVAL connects terminals in Charles De Gaulle Airport
Glacier Express,Zermatt,
Swiss Federal Railwaysfrom Zürich connect with Rhätische Bahnat Chur. Transfer at Chur is so convinient that only acrossing the same platform is needed to change the trains of dfferent gauge.
St. Moritz station.Electric Locomotives of Rhätische Bahn
The coaches of the Glacier Express.
Due to heavy fogging, whether this is the Landwasser bridge is unknown.
The locomotive ofRhätische Bahnis changed atDisentis/Mustér
to Abt method rack-rail locomotive of Matterhorn Gotthardbahn MGB .
15 min. rest at Andermatt.
BriegMGB station lies out-side of SBBstation.
After opening of the new Lötschberg tunnel, transfer at Visp station becomes more convinient.
Zermatt terminal ofMatterhorn Gotthardbahn.As fosiile fuels are forbidden,
shuttle trains run frequently to the parking.
Locomotives and trains at Zermatt terminal.
Gornergrat station.Approachig to Gornergrat station,
on the background of matterhorn.
Unique styled paralell pantographs
for three-phase alternating current
Zermatt station of Gornergrat Railway.
Underground cable car to Sunnegga observatory.Sunnegga observatory. station
Bern city transit terminal coverded with dome.Tram and trolly bus run on the same roads
The red is basic colour of trams an buses
Trams of different colour are occasionalyy seen.Trauns of BLS Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon railways.
Brienz Rothorn railway withgreatest incline of 250‰
tilted steam locomotives for Sturb method Rack-rail.
Meet twice with the opposit trains.Tilted steam locomotiveat Brienz station.
Reservation Ticket
of Glacier Express

Down from left:
St. Moritz Cable-car
Gornagrat Railway
Cablecar for Sunnegga
Brienz-Rothorn Railway
Three rail section of Rhätischbahn near Chur.Rack-rail of Gornergrat Railway.
Transfered from Metro at Sete Rios,arrived at Pragal in the south of the Tejo byFertagus,
from Pragal using Metro Transportes do Sul arrived at Cecilhas
From Cecilhas to Cais do Sodre across the Tejo.25 de Abril Bridge, Fertagus,Alpha Pendular& IC run the lower surface, while car run the upper.
At Cais do Sodre Sta.,Rapidservices are for Cascais, Local services are forBelém&Oeiras.
No. 25, a classic type tram.Reopened Rosso Sta..after repair of Rossio Tunnel.
On Feb.17, 2008reopened Rosso Sta.Rosso Tunnel start at the end of the platform.
Sintra Station building is at the right platform. The sight seeing bus start from aside of the building.
Fatima 's New church is astonishing scale.
Lisbon Santa Apolónha Sta. & Express Train Alpha Pendular
Santa Apolónha Sta.opened on Dec. 19, 2007.Oriente subway line opened shortly befoire opening of the EXPO
External view of Oriente Sta. from EXPO park side.Platforms of Oriente Sta.
A local train at Oriente Sta.A double deck train at Oriente Sta.

Edinburgh (2009)
Forth railway bridge was built in 1890, 46m high even in high tide and 2528m long.
Got off at Dalmeny station nearly 15 min. from Edinburgh Waverley station. Going down the slope way and then steep wooden stairway, finally reached sea shore road. Nationalrail Enquiries or
First ScotRail is convinient to see timetables.
The original beautiful views are difficult to obtain due to repair works.
Trains running on the Forth railway bridge appear very small from the ground level.
The right lower pictureshows wooden stairway down to sea shore through the cliff in deep forest.
The Tay Rail Bridge, which replaced an earlier bridge that collapsed in 1879.

Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway
is recovered by voluntanteer works.
Transport Direct
tells train and bus timetable and exact map of the bus stop and steam rail station.
Tickets of Scotrail to "Linlithgow plus Bus" is convinient to reach Bo'ness.

A steam locomotive left the garage at Bo'ness.Old cars of Bo'ness Kinneil Railway.
The locomotive changed the position at end-station Birkhill.
Scottish railway exhibition next to Bo'ness station displays varieties of old cars.
Edinburgh Waverkeystation is located as deep in the valley.To go to the station from the old town, it ismandatoryto pass through steep ramps and stairways or go around the long ways through the North Bridge, Waverley Bridge and the slopes for taxies.
For long distance trains, there are no ticket barrier.Therefore, it is very easy for travellers to use taxies as are available at the same level with platforms.In contrastto long distance train, to go to the platforms no. 12 to 17 for Scotrail, it is necessary to pass the ticket barrier, but they are on the same level.
Trains run far deep as in the valley.
A narrow steep ramp to Market St. calledclose.Stairway to Waverley station from Market St.
We can catch a taxi at the counter side of theplatform#11for long distance train arrival.
First Scotrail is the main dominant runner in scotland..Parallel run on the double parallel trucks betweenHaymarket and Waverley station.
National Express forLondon Kings Cross via east coast line in stead of GNER.
Virgin Trains run mainlly in the west coast region.
Cross Country Rail is the new face since 2007.
I tasted whisky labeled“Glenkinchie”in "the Whiski" according to a lady bartend's suggestion.
As this was very tasty, I have bought the bottle at the airport for my souvenir.
Dresden, Meißen, Berlin,
Bad Doberan(2010)
This "Frauenkirche" (Church of our lady) are destroyed by bombing. Reconstruction started in 1994 after reunion, and completed on Oct. 30, 2005. Inside was as beatiful as an opera theater.
Semperoper in Dresden, There I saw " Notre Dame " byFranz Schmidt. The story is based on the novel by Victor Hugo.Due to new interpretation and direction, it was rather difficult to understand.
“The parade of monarchs”: This porcelan drawing was saved from destruction by bombing.
Elevated platforms of the Dresden central station: the train in view is a short distance train pushed or pulled by a electric locomotive. Another platform is used for long distance international trains go through Dresden.Ground level platforms are for trains starting from Dresden. RE(regional express) & ICE trains for Leipzig start every hour respectly. Trains for Cottbus, Görlitz, Zittau etc. are scheduled 2-hours interval.
Lößnitzgrundbahn train starts from Radebeul OstA steam locomotive is changing the position.
The train went back from Moritzburg.Moritzburg castle appears as floating in the pond.
Pilnitz castle 7km above dresden, a gift from Monarch August to his mistress.
A steel suspention bridge of 140m span constructed in 1893. Blaues Wunder(de) (Blue wonder), Loschwitzer Brucke (Loschwitz bridge) is the official name.The structure of suspended mountain monorail
built in 1901.cf. discription on 2005
A view from the steamer.
Ordinal Funicular (LINK :Bergbahn Dresden
Height Diff.:96m/Length:547m/Max. gradient:29%/Built in 1895
A carriage of suspended mountain monorail.Height Diff.:84.2m/Length:273.8m/Max. gradient:39.99%/Built in1901
Both mountain rails have their feet at Körnerplatz at the river side
against Blasewitz/Schillersplatzacross Loschwitz bridge.
Porcelain museum in Meissen.Meissen・Albrecht sburg
Streetcars in Dresden.
Left two pictures were taken in 1970 and right two are taken in 2010.,A broken building at the right pictures is Martin-Gropius-Bau , which was restored from1978 and reformed for international convention.1999.
The Berlin wall is left in Niederkirchner Straße where the building lies as seen in the left upper picture.
Behind the wall is soviet occupied area, and someone is standing with a dog in the western side.
Marlene Dietrich(1901-1992) was a famous actress in germany and fled to Hollywood for rejection of Hitler's order and worked for anti-german movement. Although she was not welcomed in Berlin after the war, a place near the potsdam plaza was named for her memory recently.
U55, that opened on Aug.8.2009, has only 1.8km extension and only three stops, Berlin Hbf, Parliament and Brandenburger Tor. Now, they operate using only one truck of double truck line. the car will come every 10 min..Sign Board of Brandenberger Tor. Right side exit opens in midst of Parisier Platz. Crossing S-Bahn(Urban Regional Line) changed the name of station from "Unter den Linden" to "Brandenburger Tor".
Bundestag station lies in front of Bundestag-Parliament.Exit of "Brandenburger" Tor is in front of Tor itself.
Peoples are walking in the Dome over the Parliament.Hotel Adlon.
The statue of Marx/Engels are surrounded by youth.Streetcars around Fridlichstraße Station.
Hackerschar Markt.Ampferman, DDR pedestrian signals are welcoming.
There is a shop from Japan.
Hackerscher Markt staion is former Marx Engels Platz during DDR period.
Oberbaumbrücke was closed during divded era..
West subway terminate Schlesisches Tor
on the oposite coast.
Mauerpark (壁公園)という,Schönholz, Hermsdorf など現在のS1のルートへ向かう鉄道の初代北駅の跡である.
前に Görlitzer 駅でも駅跡というのに平ではなく丘になっているのに納得できなかったが,魔の山から類推すると戦災の瓦礫が捨てられたのではないか.壁はまだ作られていないとしても使われなくなった駅は格好なゴミ捨て場になる.
White asparagus(Spagel) is the welcome sign of Spring.
“Molli”is running at ca.150km north of Berlin for the Baltic sea resort.
“Molli”, A street steam locomotive.Down train is pulled by a reverse faced locomotive.
the locomotive opposite to the top of train.Just opposite to the locomotive.
Stopping at Bad Doberan Stadtmitte.Bad Doberan Göethestraße
HeiligendammTrain of the reverse sense crossing at Heiligendamm.
Kuhlingsborn OstKuhlingsborn West
Position change of the steam locomotive at Kuhlingsborn West.
Paris, Nimes & Montpellier(2010
Paris Gare de Lyon
Third Station Building expecting EXPO 1900. 
Height: 67m,Diameter of the Clock is 6.4m.
“Train Blue” opened 1901
Belle Époque Decoration
The Train Reservation Ticket obtained from the site ofTGV Europe,
Printed by my private printer.
In Gare de Lyon, there are two groups of platforms,
that is, blue and yellow.
The platforms seen this picture is blue group,
whereas yellow groups at 200m far down
the left corner.
It takes almost 10 minutes on foot.
Escalators seen in this picture lead to RER.
Double-decker TGV Duplex, that arrivingat Nîmes Station.It runs to Perpignan near the border to Spain at that time. It takes only 2 hours and 50 minutes
from Paris toNîmes of 686 km distance.
Now in 2014, TGV goes directly to Barcelona.
A local train seen at Nîmes Station.terA local train to Aigues-Mortes.ter
The ancient Bull Ring in Nimes.
Games are held on the day of our arrival.
Pont du Gard, Aqueduct in Roma era
"Aigues-Mortes" is literally dead water, the old port works no more due to accumulatios of earth and sand. The medieval city is left without destruction. The constance tower, former a lighthouse, is now an observation platform. In the view from the tower at the right, the rail to the terminal Le Grau de Roi is interrupted bu a movable bridge.
The blue line in Montpellier.The yellow line in Montpellier.
Bordeaux, Hendeye (2012)
SNCF Gare de Bordeaux St. Jean, Façade and Platformes
Streetcar in Bordeaux, There are BarrierGates for car traffics.
Streetcar in front ofFaçade to Bordeaux Station.In One Chateau of Bordeaux.
Border Station to Spain, Gare de HendayeBordeaux Street of Ste. Catherine
There was a small Station of Spanish Narrow Gage Train EuskoTren.

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