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Paris, Bonn, Hamburg, London, Stockholm, Berlin, München, Innsbruck, Wien(September to October,1970)
It was my the first experience of travel abroad. I went to paris and stayed several nights atHotel de la Gar d'Orsey, now which was changed to the famous Musée d'Orsey.

Lyon station

Lyon station

Austerlitz station

SNCF urban train atQuay d'Orsey station, whichwas built as a station building for long distance train, RER trains are running under the ground. of theMusée d'Orsey now.

At the restaurant of the hotel GareQuay d'Orsey We saw Michel Morgan.

Metro with rubber tires,
the time before subways in Sapporo were opened.


In a Metro
Pictures were taken around Bonn.
Cruel BerlinWall extend for longdistance.

East side of the wall.

T. Matsuura's page

is a good reference.

Ruin of a builig laid aside.
A warning of the right picture is "You are leaving American sector."

A warning was written by English, Russian and English with large letters,while it was written by German with small leters.
This picture might be taken during travel toChamonix fromGeneve in 1970, probably rack rail of the Train du Montenvers.
I have also been to Aiguille du Midi by ropeways and Pointe Helbronner by gondola. I was surprised to requested my passport at such a peak of mountain. I found that I was in Italy at that time. Prices of everything were in lires with much zeros. Now it is a old story in Euro era.
A Tram in Vienna 35 years ago appears as a recent Scene.
Honolulu, Los Angels, SaõPaulo, Rio de Janeiro, Frankfurt, Venezia, Interlaken, Geneve, London, ParisMarch to August, 1978
We stayed 2 night in Honolulu, and stayed next 2 night in Los Angels visiting Desney Land there. Thereafter, we fleu to Saõ Paulo. It was to work as a visiting professor at university of Moge das Cruzes, 50 km apart from Saõ Paulo. Urban train to Moge das Cruzes cost Cr$10, while bus wasCr$270.
On the way back, we traveld via europe. We flew from Rio de Janeiro to Frankfurt.
From Venezia toZürich viaMilano. Due to delay of the fright, we arrived at Interlaken late. We visited Jungfrau Joch and Kleine Schådige by trains.
At Jungfrau-Joch, I had slipped down in the tunnel digged in the glacier. I thought two ribs are broken, the fact was confirmed X-ray pictures at Tokyo. It was painful when lie into bad, but there was no sign of pnemothorax. I continued travel according to schedule. we had gotten on the train from Interlaken Ost to Geneve.
In Paris , we borrowed a "rent a car" and drived about Loire valley.
San Francisco, Mont Real, Boston, New York,
Washington D.C.(Bethesda), Baltimore
That time,I visited hospitals where my colleagues or acquentances are working. In New York, I visited Mount Sinai Hospital and watched Surery of Dr. Malis for two weeks. I got on aAmtraktrain from Balimore to New York.
Vancouver , Banff, Calgary, San Francisco (1981)
I would like to get on VIA train to Banff though, It was hard to get train tickets at that time. Therefore, we travelled from Vancouver to Banff by Grey Line bus. We stayed at Kamloopsone night and reached to Banff. We saw a long train going a loop tunnel. The upper arrow is at the head of train, and long freight train continues after the lower arrow.For viewing the picture without arrows, please click here !
 Here different from european glacier, we made sight-seeing on a big snow-mobile. Thereafter, we flew from Calgary to San Francisco. There, we got on cable cars as a sight-seeing high light here.
Bangkok (1986)
Asian-Oceanian Congress of Radiology Nov.16.1983.Bangkok
Singapore, Perth , Sydney(1987)
Singapore subways were still under construction.

Diesel trains were running frequenyly from Perth to Fremantle.
Fremantle was faced to the Indian ocean and the city was as pretty as the Disney Land.

Berlin, Amsterdam, Bruxelles (1990)
Berlin wall fell down on 9, november 1989. We visited Berlin while Deutsche Demokratishe Republik (DDR) was not completely discontinued. People were selling fragments of the wall, the caps and other items of Soviet Union aroundthe Brandenburg gate. Still traffic in the east Berlin were not crowded and small Travants were running.
Tram network is well developed in Amsterdam. One line subway was not useful for sight seeing.
We could know passing the border by difference of local trains fromyellowishNetherland trains to reddish Blgium trains. A picture above is a Netherland train, while the left is a train of Belgium.
In Bruxelles, trams called premetro were running around. They run on the street in suburban areas though, they run underground in the center of the city. Trams are using low platfomes lies outsides of the rail. while high platforms are sleeping in the center between the two rails for preparation to future metro lines.

Preserved railway of Kuranda
Nice, Monaco, Avignon, Paris(1994)Joined to A Group Tour
We visited Monaco fromNice using SNCF regional train. It tooks about 15 minutes. The train was almost vacant.
At Monaco / Monte Carlo station
Recent Nice (Photos by M.K.Sept. 2003)
EZE station between NICE and MONACO.
The villa is on top of the mountain behind. 45 minutes on foot.

(Photos by M.K.Sept. 2003)
We were taken in Province region by a sight seeing bus. We got on TGVfrom Avignon toParis Lyon station(TGVhigh speed line was not avalable in the south of Lyon at that time). On the next day we took TGV atlantic line from Paris Montparnasse station to Rennes and changed to bus to visit Mont-St.-Michel. It was hard schedule as a typical japanese tour.
TGV-PSE passing Avignonstation.TGV-A at Renne
Madrid, Sevilla,Cordova,Granada,Barcelona(1996) Joined to A Group Tour
We should go to the Madrid-Atocha station from early morning.
AVE arriving at Atocha station.Atocha station in the early morning.Concourse of Atocha station as a botanical garden.
AVE waiting for depature,A classic train for strawberry picking in Aranjues.Atocha station in the early morning.
The bus stopped for rest. That was discontinued train station"Luque".
I had identifiedwidespanish gauge rails of1,668mm buried. Cars were running another side, that is, front of the station .
This time we traveled with my friend and his spouse. The plan was to fly for Lisboã via London, then fromLisboã to Wienby Lauda Airlines,and from Wien back to Tokyodirectly.
LisboãRossiostation has a horse shoe shaped entrance. Platforms were at the third floor that remind me Shibuya station of Toyoko line. We got on a train toSinta. It was my regret that I did not care for Easter, we could not see inside of Palace. We got on a taxi and went toCascais via Cape de Rocca.Certification cards were not obtained due to Easter holyday.At Cascais we took a rest viewing the Atlantic ocean. Thereafter, we got on an express suburban train. We transfered to a regional train .to go to. Belém. In this area there are many important points, Monastery of Jerónimos, Padrão de Descobrimentos (Monument of Discovery) ,Tower ofBelém, Museu Nacional de Coches (Coach) etc... FromBelém we went back to the city center by an ariticulated tram. Trams were wrapped with advertisement. Whole. windows of the tram were made as a mesh structure possible to see the outside from passengers.Whereas, small classic trams were running through the narrow lane in Alfama region.
An ariticulated trams.A cable car with a horse face.A small classic trams in Alfama
Ariticulated trams were wrapped with advertisement with meshed windows..
LisboãRossio station has a horse shoe shaped entrance.Rossio station.Sintra station.
Cascais station.A train for CascaisーatBelém
In Wien (Vienna) we bought Netzkarte available for three days. We visitedSchroß Schönbrunn andSchroßBelvedereby trams and subways. We transfered to tram #38 atSchotten torGrinzing . There we transfered again to a bus #38A.for Kahlemberg. On the way back, we enjoyed dinner in a Heurige. We returned to the hotel using subway from Heiligenstadt.
Reservation for opera was done by ordinary mail according to fax information from Austrian ambassy in Japan. We watched Rosenkavarier at Oper.
We have been to Budapest by a sight seeing bus with Japanese guide by a Hungarian lady.

Trams of Wien.
Karlsplatz station in "Art deco" style.Budapest: Trams were running on the Margit bridge over the Donau
Roma, Firenze (1997)
Firenze S.M.N.At Firenze S.M.N.
Athens, Bruxelles, Brugge, Antwerpen, Amsterdam (1998)
In Athens, many trolley buses were dominantly running. It was the day of carnival. The constitution plaza (Syntagma) was so crowded with dressed up children and food wagons etc. In the evening streets are occupied by elated young people.
The cablecar of Lykavitos, It is running under ground.
At Amsterdam Skipol station, I said Twoto Bruxelles though, I had a ticket for one person. I had to buy a supplementaryTicket to the border. Passing after the border, we shoud buy another supplemetary ticket from a belgian conductor.The left is a supplementary ticket of the Neitherland rail to the border. The below is a ticket from Bruxelles to Antwerpen.
Thalys-PBA & FGV-R at Bruxelles Midi
At Bruxelles Midi.
Sep. 13 to 20, 1998: La Jolla & Las Vegas
I was astonished to see the steam train suddenly appeared. Later, I found that Grand Canyon Railway is running from Williams Depot at 10:00 every morning. Approach from Japan seems to be difficult.
Apr.23 to May 2,1999 Washington D.C. New Oleans & San Fracisco
Washington D.C. wasunder severe guard due to 40th anniversary of NATO. The white house and surroundings are barrycaded. All sight seeing buses are obliged to be out of service except circulating buses in the mall. We could see only top of the white house due to tenting for reception.
Amtrak Metroliner atUnion Station.
We stayed in New Oleans for four days to attend the meeting of AANS. In airport of New Orleans, signs were written in English, Spanish and French to respect the history. The opening ceremony of the meeting was so showy. In a Show Boat onMississippi ,Dexyland Jazz was played to make good atomosphere, but many factories were in riverside. We joined to a "Escoated Walking Tour ". that goes around French Quater and Bourbon street , with denner, visiting Jazz spot and a famous Cafe du Mond at the end. The famous "Streetcar named Desire" is running through St. Charles street for 10 km long. While Riverfront Streetcar is started in 1988. Snug Harbor
New Orleams St. Charles Street Car
"A Streetcar Named Diesire", old film in whichVivien Leigh & Marlon Brando were cast.
New Orleans Riverfront Street Car
References on a " Streetcar Named Desire(Jap) " .
We stayed one night in San Francisco. It was so hot in the daytime good for a half sleeve shirt, but it became so cool in the eveing. We went toFisherman's Wharf for dinning, I was just shivering on a cable-car on the way back. It was really astonishing defference of temperature.
Praha , Dresden, Berlin (1999)
This time we went this travel with my friend and his spouse again. The plan was to fly for Praha via Frankfurt, then fromPraha to Dresden and Berlin by Railway,and from Berlin to Tokyo via Frankfurt.We reserved train ticket for Praha-Dresden and Dresden-Berlin, they were ordered from the german railway (DB) home page.
Almot no russian advertisement in the city of Praha. While bulletin boards in the Praha main station (hl.n.) were indicated by Czech, Russian and German.Trams were reflected beautifully on the Vltava.
Praha hlavni nádrazi (main station)
Trams in Praha
the Vltava.Ustinad Labem hl.n. near the border.
I missed to take pictures at Praha hlavni nádrasi.You can find the pictures in SoRa TRAVEL 2003 EURO as a reference. On the way to Vienna, she presentedPraha hlavni nádrasi (main station) and Praha Holesovice. Sora's TRAVEL .
In Dresden along the Elbe, many locations were under construction almost totally. It is said that the city was completely destroyed by bombing during World War II. It is rather difficult to distinguish which is reconstructed and what was really original monument. The famous wall with "Der Fürstenzug" at the right was saved from the destruction. Trams here were available by one day ticket.
Berlin:This time, we stayed in the east side near the Fridricher straße. The streets were changed vivid and crowded. The atomosphere of Friedliches Straße station was quite diffrent compared to 1990..Many food stores were under the platform. I t was difficult to find vending machiens, I asked some people but they did not know where it is. Finally I found it on the plaform of urban lines , so called S-Bahn. .After that, I saw many vending machiens on the west side street. We bought .ABC-Zone one day tickets and went to Potsdam .
Bus #95 started in front of Potsdam station to go toSchloß Sanssouci . Therafter, we took upward bus #95 and then transfered to Bus #694at Reiterweg/Alleestr.to go toSchloß Cecilienhof, where our fate in the post-war were decided. So called Potsdam conference was held here. It took only 23 minutes as DB timetable in the home-page suggested.As there are no restaurants aroundSchloß Sanssouci, it was goodto arrive atSchloß Cecilienhof around noon. There are a restaurant and a buffe in theSchloß.

A ticket of ABC zone in Berlin district available for 24hours. applied to small group less tha 5 people.
Vending machines are on the S-Bahn platforms or major bus stops.
Schloß Cecilienhof, where Potsdam conference was held from 17 July to 2 August 1945by Truman, Churchill and StalintodetermineJapan's fate after the World War II...
Palermo, Taormina,Alberobello, Roma (1999) A group tour.
We have been to a supermarket in Palermo, cashiers are quite inefficient with long lines. We gave up to buy beverage, we went in a bar instead.
Taorminawas with a baeutiful beach. Views from the ancient theater were wonderful. Christmas decorations in the city was also beautiful. Next morning, when we were on a ferry, I saw anFSferryboat passing by. Our bus ran looking down the wide yard of Villa S. Giovanni staion.
Alberobello: We did not see south-east railways (FSE) It was pitty there was no time to find the railway station as a member of the group tour.
Thesouth-east railwaysextend their lines from Bali to Alberobello, Gagliano and Tarant. We can see timetables on opening the home-page of FSE ( http://www.ditutto.it/fse/ ) and then clicking on ORARIO FESTIVO. We canalsosee timetables fromBari Centrale throughFS timetable..

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